Oh No! Cheese Dilemma!

If you know anything about me, you know I love cheese. I have loved it all my life, just about any kind of cheese. Cheddar, feta, swiss, provolone, bleu, mozzarella, parmesan, cottage, cream, farmer’s, cheese, cheese, cheese!

Since I have been home from the hospital, I have gotten some Sargento colby jack cheese sticks. I love almost everything about them, except they are VERY hard to open! The plastic packaging of each cheese stick at the ends is sealed together so tightly that I can’t pull it apart with my only working hand. I have to use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the dad-blamed thing open! There’s nothing worse than being faced with a delicious snack that you can’t eat! My cheese stick might as well be locked in a bank vault somewhere, as hard as it is to get to. It just sits there, on my table, mocking me and all my earnest but ineffective attempts to open and eat it!

So yesterday  I decided there was another way to win this battle of me versus my cheese stick. I just called the Sargento company. The rep who answered the call was very nice. She seemed sympathetic to my cheese plight and said she understood my problem. I suggested that a LOT of people would want their cheese sticks to be easier to open: Strokees, disabled people, those with arthritis in their hands, those whose joints are painful, small children, anyone without strong hands or good dexterity, and new mothers and fathers with a baby on their hip. And not only that, I suggested that Sargento could advertise this to get more sales – “now easier to open!”

They are sending me a coupon or two as a nice little thank you. (I would have preferred a pound or two of their cheese, but I guess one can’t have everything.) And thank you, Sargento, for seeming to listen to your customers’ needs!

So, if at any time in the future, you see Sargento cheese sticks being advertised as “easier to open” you can thank me and go buy plenty of it, knowing you’ll easily be able to enjoy it’s cheesy deliciousness now.

You’re welcome.

(NOTE:  Even though I wrote this post in a not-so-serious tone, I really did call the Sargento company yesterday, they really did listen to my problem and my suggestion, and they really did promise to send me some coupons. They seem to be a very nice company. I’m looking forward to enjoying more cheese.)


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