Physical Therapy – Part Deux

Yesterday was my second physical therapy session. I’m supposed to have two sessions a week, but this week I had a transportation problem. I’m dependent on other people to drive me places at this point in my recovery. I had a ride to therapy, but no ride back home. I have this resolved now, so from now on Tuesdays are covered. Thursdays are always covered, thanks to my Very Nice Neighbor.

So at yesterday’s physical therapy session, I met my new physical therapist. Oh, don’t worry, I still have PT Guy (I met him last week – that’s the name he wants me to use for him here in the blog). But now I also have a new guy. I told him about the blog, and I asked him to pick the name he wants me to use here for him. He picked, “PT Adonis.” Heh. I think it fits.

What’s so great about PT Guy and PT Adonis is that they are both very interested in working with Strokees. That’s really cool. Physical therapy for folks recovering from stroke is different from therapy for other conditions.  Not only are Strokees having to strengthen physically, like other folks, but we also have the result of a brain injury that affects how our bodies work and react to things.  Both of my PT fellows understand this and are willing to work individually with Strokees.  I couldn’t have gotten luckier with my PTs!

The highlights from today’s therapy session include: pushups on my stomach to exercise my right arm (this was really hard!); right leg exercises crossing over my body and ending up at the side (this was even harder – my right leg wanted to wave around today and not behave!); bridge exercises (I like those – they’ll be good for flattening my tummy, and who doesn’t want that, right?); practicing standing and sitting while keeping my body straight up and down, without leaning over to the left like I normally do; and stepping over cones with both feet, including taking large steps to practice lifting my right leg from behind me (be afraid, measly humans and your skyscrapers!). That last one was the hardest. It’s going to take the most work to become easy for me to do.

So, just like the last time, I think today’s physical therapy session was a success. I’m looking forward to seeing what is going to happen next Tuesday.

And now for something completely differ-…..uh….the serious part of this post. I know that I have made two posts already about my physical therapy. Really, these posts are just making a reminder for myself of what I’m doing in PT and also creating a record so that in the future I can go back and see how far I’ve come. PT is something I must do every day, though. It’s something I have to make time for, something I have to schedule for. (Sometimes I can’t respond to your text or email or answer your phone call because I’m trying to get some PT in.  Sorry.  I’ll get back to you, I promise!)  This means I am doing most of my physical therapy on my own time and in my own home. Only doing two PT workouts a week is not going to do me any good. I say all the time, “You have to do your PT!” And I mean that. I have to do it every single day. That’s the only way I’m really going to recover the use of my limbs and have normal, or close to normal, use of my right hand and arm and normal, or close to normal, walking ability. So even though I don’t make daily posts about PT, I’m trying to do it every day.


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