Yesterday I had my first physical therapy session. It was a good session. If you think of the exercises I did during the session, it doesn’t seem like very much. I mean, a few squeezy things, a few stretchy things, a little leaning, a little walking – it should have been a breeze. And it was at the time. But I noticed at the end of it, when I was waiting for my Very Nice Neighbor to pick me up afterwards, I started slurring my words a little when I spoke. I do that since my stroke when I’m tired in the evenings. The last time I did that during the day was the day I came home from the hospital. I was so tired that day I cried myself to sleep.

So that was a warning that I overdid it at P. T., that I was overly tired.

Sometimes at night, actually more often than not, my right leg cramps up at bed time. It seems that just when I’m starting to relax, just when I’m starting to drift off, there goes my right leg in a full or at least a half-leg cramp. It’s really painful. And once that cramping starts, it can go on for an hour or two, every few seconds, until I finally fall asleep from exhaustion.

It was particularly bad last night. That must have been a second warning that I was overly tired.

This morning, I felt like I had been dragged outside during the middle of the night and beaten to a pulp! (No, I don’t really know what that feels like, it’s just a Southern expression.) I’m completely exhausted. And sore, too. I’ve been pretty weepy this morning as well. I’d always cried easily, and now, after my stroke, I cry at the drop of a hat. Or a cookie. Or one of those muffins I keep talking about. So today has been a weepy day. I’m just exhausted!

I know that yesterday was only my first physical therapy session. I know that I still have to build my stamina up. And that will take time. (But it WILL happen!) And I believe that once I have some stamina these sessions won’t wear me out so badly. But right now I’m really super exhausted. Exhausted and weepy.

Maybe tonight I’ll sleep well, and I’ll feel better tomorrow. I hope so.


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